Pastry & Bakery Partners


DGF is the primary source in France for high-quality ingredients and convenience products for culinary professionals in the pastry and confectionery industries. Located just outside of Paris, DGF is known for the expertise provided by its in-house team of professional pastry chefs, who have blended innovation with a dedication to preserving the quality and tradition of French Patisserie. Their products include macarons, nut and praline pastes, chocolate products, specialty sugars, pastry cream, fruits in syrup, and glazes.


Steinmetz is a German family business for over 350 years. Germany has the perfect conditions for the highest-quality grain:
fertile, rich soil and an ideal climate. That's why the best, highest quality grain grows here. At Steinmetz mills, they take great care in washing their grains. As grain grows outside the nature and is inevitably exposed to environmental pollution, they wash their grain the same way you wash your rice. The result: pure, healthier, premium flour.


A leading company in the baking agents and aroma sector from Germany. Offers desserts and toppings, fruit purees, baking ingredients, fillings, coatings, jelling and binding agents, fresh cream stabilizers, flavoring compounds and decorations.


A true Italian Gelato Company which was the first to produce the fat cream and the powder mix in the region. Aramtec offers a wide range of selection of the basis and the cream pastes. An ideal choice if you want to create your own choice Gelato Ice Cream.


Bakels companies manufacture and distribute a wide range of the quality ingredients tailor made for the bread, pastry, cake and confectionery sectors. Bakels economies of scale is the largest in the world, which allows itself to produce in the mass quantities a variety of products not limited to; Premixes and concentrates for bread and pastry, cake and bread emulsifiers, bread improvers, fruit and savory glazes and fruit fillings, etc.


Established over 130 years ago in Lucerne, Switzerland, this family run company creates the freshest and crispiest tartelettes in the world. The crusts made of tender short dough are the basis for a delicate and easy-made dessert. Either for savory or sweet tooth, HUG has a wide range of tartelettes which Aramtec offers.


Heir to 200 years of French Chocolate making rooted in the purest of French chocolate making traditional CEMOI continues to hand down its family’s know-how. From generation to generation we have used our family secret expertise while preparing our chocolate and readying them for our long-duration conching process


Rich's products deliver the same quality, performance and satisfaction you’ve come to expect from the Rich’s family name. Their ready-to-bake range includes cookies and brownies that will boost your back-of-house production.


The Échiré is one of the most respected butter brands in the world. Their dairy was founded in 1891 and since its beginnings, their butter has always been made in teak barrel churns, giving it a special texture. Twenty-two liters of milk are needed to make one kilogram of butter. It has a subtle and exquisite taste, quite unlike anything else and it carries the prestigious label AOP Charentes Poitou.


Dobla is one of the largest pastry decoration producers in the world. Chocolates, marzipan, sugar and plastic decorations for cakes and desserts. Dobla only uses the finest Belgium couverture for its chocolate production. Dobla products are of superior quality and are innovative and creative.


Neuhauser is a french brand who's a major player in the Baked Goods sector in France. They develop, manufacture and distribute a wide range of products, including bakery, viennoiserie and pastry items.


A New Zealand company providing convenient, efficient and high quality fruit fillings for a wide range of uses. Constantly seeking new ways of increasing the functionality and consumer value of ingredients. You may be considering popular fruits, indulgent concepts, ethnic flavors, sweet or savory, old fashioned flavors, low GI, all natural or economy, fortified, functional or organic.


Crop's Fruit uses all their experience to grow the finest fruit in their own fields, with respect for nature and people.When the fruit reaches its full ripeness, they harvest it with care and freeze it instantly, to bring it to you in its tastiest and healthiest form.


Leman decorations offers a wide and creative range of cake decorations in chocolate, almond paste, sugar, wafer and plastic suitable for every pastry professional. With their decorations, you can create a beautiful cake for any occasion.


Lesepidado is specialized in the development of printing and decorating systems for food products. Lesepidado creates the most suitable printing or decorating system for the application requested by any kind of customers, from small laboratories to large industries. The internal formulation of inks and media makes the developed systems complete and versatile. The wide range and high quality of products, the versatility of the applications and the qualified customer service make Lesepidado a synonym of food decoration all over the world.


Popping boba, or the juiced ball, is a kind of topping that we manufacture to be used in many fruit juices, ice cream, and frozen yogurt stores, some even have been applied to the making of molecular cuisine, the juice is contained in a seaweed coating, and the soft skin would break once chew on, the bursting power is strong and fun to feel. Popping bobas go well with cold drinks, ice cream, frozen yogurt or shaved ice. You can even use these popping bobas in your pudding, jelly, or cake for a brand new type of “Top Chef” style of presentation.


With a passion for artisan baking and an innovative spirit, Hiestand was founded in 1967 with the dedication to deliver oven fresh flavours every day. Today, Hiestand is a specialist B2B bakery for the discerning food professional and can be seen across many food service and retail channels.


Preparing culinary top creations in the kitchen and bakery is work for professionals. They also know that the careful processing of liquid ingredients revolves around two things: refined craftsmanship combined with use of the best tools: One Way premium piping bags – Specialist in Disposable Piping Bags.

Pidy Gourmet

Pidy Gourmet is a world leader in the production of baked puff pastry and has state of the art production sites in Belgium, France and the U.S. Pidy has been baking different types of dough for more than 50 years. They offer variety and trendsetting innovation in the demanding culinary art of puff pastry, shortcrust and choux pastry. They specializes in ready to fill products for savory and sweet applications.


Renowned company, Hans Brunner outlines the extensive and profound developments the company has uncovered in making sustainable chocolate moulds. As a long-established company founded in 1935, Hans Brunner is proud a manufacturer of moulds for individual chocolates, chocolate bars, lollies, and hollow figures, which they then distribute with excellent attention to detail.


Minneapolis-based Cargill is one of the world's top producers and distributors of agricultural products such as sugar, refined oil, cotton, chocolate, and salt. Founded in 1865 by William Cargill, it has remained in the family ever since. The company's descendants own more than 90% of the company today.

Ready Bake

Ready Bake is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer of premium frozen pastry products. We are celebrating 34 years in operation this year. Ready Bake has continued to develop and extend its product range and is now recognised throughout Australia as a leader in premium quality pastry products.

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The Magazine of Haute Pâtissere is a biannual magazine, published by Grupo Vilbo, aimed at the professionals of the world of dessert, sweet and savory pastry.