Farmer’s Choice is our in-house brand that offers our foodservice customers over 60+ different products ranging from sauces to oils to dairy products and proteins.


Bela Carne is an exclusive feeding program designed for Aramtec by our partners in Brazil. What makes Bella Carne stand out is their unique tried & tested feeding program. It’s a fixed and studied program that’s been designed to get the best result.


Yenkomo, which means 'beef' in Zulu, is from South Africa. Their beef  is a breed that is genetically composed of 50% Brahman, 25% Hereford and 25% Shorthorn blood. Yenkomo beef has inherited the best characteristics of each individual breed. Each animal is the product of dedicated breeder’s selection and performance testing. Yenkomo cattle are from one of South Africa's finest beef producers and Aramtec is delivering this outstanding beef to consumers across the Arab region.


Jumbuck Lamb is an exclusive program developed for Aramtec by Thomas Foods International (TFI). Australian lamb is known around the world as flavorsome, versatile and natural. TFI has built an enviable reputation for delivering consistently premium quality lamb, sourced from some of Australia’s most pristine pastureland. With an eye on consumer preference trends and their uncompromising commitment to quality, we trust TFI to deliver the best chilled or frozen lamb that can be enjoyed by your customers in the Middle East.


Taji Wagyu is an exclusive program developed for Aramtec. This 400 day grain-fed program based in NSW, Australia was created to offer our food service customers a premium 2-7 MB Wagyu - something that was missing from the market. What you can expect is a melt-in-your-mouth texture and tenderness.