The HUG x Aramtec Pastry Competition

The HUG x Aramtec Pastry Competition

Anthony Rahayel Follows The Process: From Warehouse To Consumer Reading The HUG x Aramtec Pastry Competition 1 minute

Congratulations Mohammad Altaf Hussein from Dubai World Trade Centre who won the HUG x Aramtec pastry competition!

HUG and Aramtec collaborated on a pastry competition that took place at Expo Culinaire in Sharjah in May.

There were more than 30 pastry chefs who competed for the golden prize - a week long, all expense paid trip to Switzerland that includes a tour of the impressive HUG factory and exploring beautiful Switzerland. 

The competitors were tasked to create one savory and one sweet item with HUG's famous tartlettes. 

About HUG

HUG is a food service company that's more than 140 years old. What started as a Swiss bakery is now one of the world's leading brands for sweet and savoury tartelettes. HUG Swiss premium tartelettes have uniquely thin and straight walls are the first choice and the basis of the most creative and the most delicious snack or dessert creations.