Aramtec improves customer services with HPE Aruba Networking infrastructure

Aramtec improves customer services with HPE Aruba Networking infrastructure

We're improving our customer services with HPE Aruba Networking infrastructure by revitalizing our digital business capabilities with improved communications between employees, customers, and products in challenging warehouse environments. 
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) has just unveiled an exciting development: Aramtec, a prominent and long-established food service company in the UAE, is embarking on a modernization journey. This transformation is made possible through the adoption of a cutting-edge, unified network and security infrastructure, courtesy of HPE Aruba Networking. Their solution encompasses the deployment of the HPE Aruba Networking Edge Service Platform (ESP), a state-of-the-art, cloud-native architectural marvel. Additionally, it includes wired and wireless connectivity across Aramtec’s warehouses and offices, facilitated by HPE Aruba Networking access points (APs) and switches.

Being one of the largest foodservice suppliers in the region, importing and distributing premium food, Aramtec is a family-owned company founded in 1979 with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha (Qatar). As a new generation took on the organization’s management, the company committed to a comprehensive transformation journey with an upgraded networking solution to provide customers with improved services and support. Aramtec’s goal was to improve business operations, increase productivity and efficiency, provide easy access to critical systems, and improve communications with customers and team members. After reviewing various options, Aramtec chose HPE Aruba Networking’s efficient access and switching solutions and a next-generation management platform.

“We supply over 4000, including premium hotels, restaurants, institutions, airlines and foodservice outlets each day, and they rely on us as they meet the standards and changing needs of their own customers,” said Edgard Chalhoub, MD of Aramtec. “To ensure the continued high level of our services we provide for our customers, we needed to accelerate our digital transformation. With our upgraded HPE Aruba Networking infrastructure, we now have a high-performance solution that provides us with the connectivity, management, automation, and security capabilities that will enable us to develop new services and further innovate.”

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