The emphasis in the Retail Division is on product visibility, promotion cycles and brand building. A sale never ends when an invoice is made. Our team of sales executives, brand managers, promoters, merchandisers and delivery personnel makes sure that a retail sale is supported by key functions. Our retail team is accustomed to this business environment as more than 75% of our total sales staff is in this department. Our competitive advantage is our internationally renowned brands mainly from the U.S.A.


Aramtec is known in the U.A.E. marketplace as a foodservice specialist with main focus on USDA Premium Meat. Our sales executives are experts in our chilled and frozen product lines which is critical to our sales efforts. Furthermore, with the ever increasing need for same day or next day delivery, the foodservice operation is designed on speed and accuracy. Notwithstanding, price & quality are a must for purchasers in the hotel and restaurant sectors as the fierce competition creates this environment.


Our Bakery Division has seen great strides over the past 5 years. With much interest from Pastry Chefs across the U.A.E. in our product line, it is not wonder our growth is over 25% per year. Our team consists of qualified chefs and marketing specialist who understand the dynamics of quality pastry ingredients and the artistic importance of the final product. The majority of our product range comes from the EU marketplace and covers everything from ingredient mixes, tartelettes, cake decorations, fillings and much more value added categories


Aramtec also offers other importers a useful and efficient distribution service alongside its own customer deliveries. This service incorporates a variety of options for which fees are charged. The company has special staff with many years of experience in dealing with various franchisees in the country. Our expertise in import documentation and advice to potential exporters to the region will guide you toward success

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