Premium Brands


Farmer’s Choice is our in-house brand that offers our foodservice customers over 25 different products ranging from sauces to oils to dairy products and proteins.


Farmland brand resembles the generous quality of natural and healthy products. It comprises of all sorts of dairy (Labneh, Halloumi Cheese, Kashkaval Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese and White Cheese etc.)


It’s the preferred ice cream choice of franchise restaurant establishments in the local market. Premium Ice Cream from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania which uses only the finest ingredients to create a creamy, tasty wonder


Heir to 200 years of French Chocolate making rooted in the purest of French chocolate making traditional CEMOI continues to hand down its family’s know-how. From generation to generation we have used our family secret expertise while preparing our chocolate and readying them for our long-duration conching process


The Global leader in beef, lamb and poultry processing based in Brazil. JBS is the world’s largest exporter of animal protein, selling to over 150 countries. It manages seven feedlot operations in Brazil with total static capacity of 196,000 head of cattle. Aramtec sells the Friboi Brand of Beef and the Swift Brand of Lamb within the JBS Group


Greater Omaha is located in the middle of the largest supply of Angus and Hereford cattle in the world. Place this abundant supply of the very finest beef cattle in the middle of the largest corn-producing region in the U.S., and you have the most consistent supply of the best beef available anywhere in the world. 100% Midwestern Beef!


Norbest has a full line of turkey products from every day meals to holiday gatherings, including whole turkeys, ready to cook breasts and roasts, ground turkey products and deli turkey products. Our biggest seller, Norbest® Tender-Timed® Young Turkeys Our turkeys contain Norbest’s exclusive turkey broth and seasonings through the entire bird. With no added no fats, oils, sugars


Premium quality Grade A Whole Ducks offer you a delicious, nutritious alternative to beef or chicken that stands up to any seasoning or flavor profile. White Pekin ducks are raised on family-owned farms where their diet consists of an all-natural blend of corn, soy and wheat that we produce in our own feed mills. No growth promotets, antibiotics or additives are used in the feed


Lutosa – In Lutosa’s world, potatoes are a passion. The ideal terrain, outstanding expertise, and people of talent, all contribute to the production of the jewel of Belgian cuisine. It is no coincidence that in Belgium “having French fries” means being full of energy… Aramtec offers a wide variety of French fries , mashed potatoes, cut potatoes, specialty items such as croquettes and many more


Give the perfect finishing touch to your dessert and pastry with chocolate decorations, chocolate toppings and chocolate cups of Dobla. Dobla pastry decorations from the largest pastry decoration producer in the world. Chocolates, marzipan, sugar and plastic decorations for cakes and desserts. Dobla is only using the finest Belgium couverture for its chocolate production. Dobla products are of Superior quality and are innovative and creative


The founder of the non-dairy segment of the frozen-food industry, Rich’s is a leading supplier and solutions provider to the foodservice, in-store bakery and retail marketplaces. The company is the world leader in non-dairy toppings, creams, icings and other emulsions. Some of the other key product categories include cakes, cookies and desserts; pizza, bakery products; breads and rolls. Aramtec offers frozen cookies and cream base


Bakels companies manufacture and distribute a wide range of the quality ingredients tailor made for the bread, pastry, cake and confectionery sectors. Bakels economies of scale is the largest in the world, which allows itself to produce in the mass quantities a variety of products not limited to; Premixes and concentrates for bread and pastry, cake and bread emulsifiers, bread improvers, fruit and savory glazes and fruit fillings, etc


Especialitats M. Masdeu from Spain is a company dedicated to the development of a wide and creative variety of food bases (including bases for cakes, waffles, pastries, mini cones). One of the benefits of this product is that a pastry filling can be made with minimal handling time, maximum hygiene, leading to an overall lower production cost for our customer


Established over 130 years ago in Lucerne, Switzerland, this family run company creates the freshest and crispiest tartelettes in the world. The crusts made of tender short dough are the basis for a delicate and easy-made dessert. Either for savory or sweet tooth, HUG has a wide range of tartelettes which Aramtec offers


Vitelco from the Netherlands, supplies many versions of high-quality veal. In the top segment (white) veal is valued for its characteristic flavor, color and tenderness. A luxury product which is young, tender and therefore easily digestible with low fat content. Thanks to its short preparation time, veal is ideally suited to contemporary cooking trends


Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.® is a family owned and operated consumer goods company headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. We are a bread and the roll manufacturer that is the rigorously dedicated to the extraordinary taste, quality and customer service and proudly represents our legacy of the cherished eating experiences. The sweet, buttery taste and soft texture and distinctive golden color makes the Martin’s Potato Roll an instant favorite


Meat is sourced from Midfield farms throughout Australia – then processed & packaged at its own plant before being shipped. Midfield’s key involvement in all elements of the processing cycle means it is one of the world’s few true paddock to plate providers. They farm all their beef and lamb in rural Australia – one of the world’s greatest and greenest farming areas. Then they process and package this meat at its own plant with the most stringent controls possible and ship to you


American Foods Group (AFG) is 5th largest meat processer on the United States. AFG processes a staggering 3 million kilograms of meat products per day. Vertical integration allows for total control in all aspects of production which leads to farm to fork guaranteed quality. ARAMTEC supplies chilled, frozen & portion control beef cuts in a wide breath of varieties. Prime, Choice, Select & Angus grades are offered. All beef products are 100% Halal and inspected by Islamic Society of Washington Area.


Our very own brand! For over 20 years Aramtec has provided a convenient alternative to higher priced name brands. In the dry segment, Aramtec offers tuna, mushrooms, whole peeled tomatoes, honey, mayonnaise and black olives. In the frozen segment, we offer Kafe sliced breakfast beef and turkey, chicken and beef franks, beef salami rolls, beef toppings, roast beef slices, mortadella, mozzarella cheese and many more


A New Zealand company providing convenient, efficient and high quality fruit fillings for a wide range of uses. Constantly seeking new ways of increasing the functionality and consumer value of ingredients. You may be considering popular fruits, indulgent concepts, ethnic flavors, sweet or savory, old fashioned flavors, low GI, all natural or economy, fortified, functional or organic


Mountbry is a leading craft dessert manufacturer from the Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Mountbry has built a reputation of theproducing high quality cakes and desserts for the professional food service and retail industry around the world. We Sell To International Hotel Groups and Cafe chains, Airlines from all around the world, Major supermarket chains and Catering and Institutional’s


A leading company in the baking agents and aroma sector from Germany. Offers desserts and toppings, fruit purees, baking ingredients, fillings, coatings, jelling and binding agents, fresh cream stabilizers, flavoring compounds and decorations


A true Italian Gelato Company which was the first to produce the fat cream and the powder mix in the region. Aramtec offers a wide range of selection of the basis and the cream pastes. An ideal choice if you want to create your own choice Gelato Ice Cream


Veliche™ Gourmet is a chocolate brand with a strong heritage in producing fine quality chocolate from the Kingdom of Belgium. Rich in character and complex in flavour, yet remarkably workable, Veliche™ Gourmet is dedicated to professional artisans


Matco Foods launched FALAK® Basmati Rice with a vision to make it the premier rice brand, preferred and consumed by all people globally. Consistent quality and satisfaction is guaranteed on every purchase as this promise is central to our business values. Today FALAK® Basmati Rice is available in more than 40 countries worldwide and is preferred by food connoisseurs everywhere


Quality: “It’s In Our Name.” Quality Ethnic Foods offers the sliced and frozen Zabiha Hand Slaughtered Halal beef, lamb or chicken used for many dishes from cheesesteaks to gyros. QEF also offers the frozen Coco Bread and various types of the Roti and Paratha. Delicious Halal chicken, beef and vegetable filled pastries such as patties and samosas as well


Great Smoothies start with Great Fruit Crops is the only smoothie company that grows our own fruit. That means we pick the best fruit from our own plantations. This is ‘first pick’ fruit – the tastiest and the juiciest, fit for any fruit bowl. Most ordinary smoothies are made with ‘second pick’ fruit. Crop’s smoothies are all about the quality of our fruit: you’ll taste the difference


Leman Cake Decorations offers a wide and creative range of the cake decorations in the chocolate and almond paste and sugar and wafer and plastic, suitable for every professional. With our decorations your cake will be remembered for a long time. We are never satisfied. We constantly search for the new ideas in the order to give your cake an added value. This is how we create the fashionable decorations. With those decorations, you can turn every cake in to a party cake. Because: No cake, No party.


Lesepidado is specialized in the development of printing and decorating systems for food products. Lesepidado creates the most suitable printing or decorating system for the application requested by any kind of customers, from small laboratories to large industries. The internal formulation of inks and media makes the developed systems complete and versatile. The wide range and high quality of products, the versatility of the applications and the qualified customer service make Lesepidado a synonym of food decoration all over the world


Popping boba, or the juiced ball, is a kind of topping that we manufacture to be used in many fruit juices, ice cream, and frozen yogurt stores, some even have been applied to the making of molecular cuisine, the juice is contained in a seaweed coating, and the soft skin would break once chew on, the bursting power is strong and fun to feel. Popping bobas go well with cold drinks, ice cream, frozen yogurt or shaved ice. You can even use these popping bobas in your pudding, jelly, or cake for a brand new type of “Top Chef” style of presentation


Rastelli Global provides a wide variety of niche products such as Applewood Smoked beef bacon, Angus corned beef, Angus pastrami brisket and short ribs. The Pureland Brand is unique as it has a rich, high marble score and great tenderness that delivers a one-of-a-kind dining experience


Preparing culinary top creations in the kitchen and bakery is work for professionals. They also know that the careful processing of liquid ingredients revolves around two things: refined craftsmanship combined with use of the best tools: One Way premium piping bags – Specialist in Disposable Piping Bags


With a passion for artisan baking and an innovative spirit, Hiestand was founded in 1967 with the dedication to deliver oven fresh flavours every day. Today, Hiestand is a specialist B2B bakery for the discerning food professional and can be seen across many food service and retail channels.


Margaret River Premium Meats adopt an extensive free range farm management practice with natural mating as well as an artificial insemination (AI) program to produce pure bred Wagyu cattle. Cows graze on natural pastures in a completely free range, stress free environment which in turn leads to optimum performance. The Southwest region of Australia is prime Agricultural land with reliable rainfall and moderate climate. Margaret River Wagyu Beef is typically highly marbled, full flavored with relatively low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol compared to other beef breeds. The unique flavor and marbling of Wagyu beef is the attribute which sets this product apart from other beef products available and has led to its widely acclaimed status as “The best beef in the world


Fletcher International Exports is one of Australia’s most integrated processors and exporters of lamb and sheep meat products. A private, family-owned company, Fletcher International operates two highly efficient processing facilities: one located in Dubbo, New South Wales; and the other near Albany in Western Australia. These two plants have a combined processing capacity of more than 90,000 sheep and lambs per week, which equates to over 4.5 million head per year. The Fletcher meat processing philosophy has always been to utilise as much of each animal as possible. Consequently, in addition to lamb and sheep meat products, wool and sheep skins, the company markets a diverse range of high quality by-products


Kobe Beef is a harmony of delicate, dignified sweet lean meat and the taste and fragrance of melt-in-your-mouth fat. The secret behind its deliciousness is its so-called “shimofuri” fat marbling. The “sashi” fatty content of the meat itself will actually begin to dissolve at low temperatures. This means that it will literally melt in your mouth. An abundant content of inosinic and oleic acids has been scientifically proved as factors that contribute to its outstanding flavor. Kobe beef refers to cuts taken from the Tajima strain of Wagyu cattle raised in Hyogo Prefecture (Japan). Even among “Tajima-gyu” (Tajima cattle), only the chosen few that satisfy the specific quality criteria set out by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association deserve the title “Kobe Beef”. Aramtec is the authorized importer and distributor of Kobe Beef in the UAE and a member of Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association


Beefmaster, from South Africa is a synthetic breed that is genetically composed of 50% Brahman, 25% Hereford and 25% Shorthorn blood. The result was the Beefmaster that inherited the best characteristics of each individual breed. The South African Beefmaster is handmade by selection for the tough Southern African conditions. Each animal is the product of dedicated breeder’s selection and performance testing


Natural Italian tomatoes, comes in puree and diced form. It is a an ideal choice to cook as a base for various dishes as sauces. Selected tomatoes are ripened and carefully cut and packaged within hours

Welcome To Aramtec

ARAMTEC is a 100% locally owned Company established in 1979 with main activities in importation and distribution of premium Food products throughout the UAE supplying the finest hotels, restaurants, institutions and retail markets. Aramtec is the pioneer in introducing the highest quality US. Beef and Poultry as well as fast food concept restaurants in the UAE.

Some of ARAMTEC’s premium brands include; American Foods Group, Lutosa, Pomi, JBS, Margeret River, Maple Leaf, Farmers Choice, Mazola, Dobla, Martin Braun, Hug, and many more.

We pride ourselves on obtaining HACCP Certification and its procedures are our priority. Our HACCP Team is responsible for implementing all necessary guidelines and procedures. Temperature of our stores is monitored continuously and records are kept in our database. Critical Control Limits and Points are identified and strict adherence taken.