Great Smoothies start with Great Fruit Crops is the only smoothie company that grows our own fruit. That means we pick the best fruit from our own plantations. This is ‘first pick’ fruit – the tastiest and the juiciest, fit for any fruit bowl. Most ordinary smoothies are made with ‘second pick’ fruit. Crop’s smoothies are all about the quality of our fruit: you’ll taste the difference

Welcome To Aramtec

ARAMTEC is a 100% locally owned Company established in 1979 with main activities in importation and distribution of premium Food products throughout the UAE supplying the finest hotels, restaurants, institutions and retail markets. Aramtec is the pioneer in introducing the highest quality US. Beef and Poultry as well as fast food concept restaurants in the UAE.

Some of ARAMTEC’s premium brands include; American Foods Group, Lutosa, Pomi, JBS, Margeret River, Maple Leaf, Farmers Choice, Mazola, Dobla, Martin Braun, Hug, and many more.

We pride ourselves on obtaining HACCP Certification and its procedures are our priority. Our HACCP Team is responsible for implementing all necessary guidelines and procedures. Temperature of our stores is monitored continuously and records are kept in our database. Critical Control Limits and Points are identified and strict adherence taken.